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Flush Out Your Worry with a High Efficiency Toilet

Did you know that every time you flush your traditional toilet, a stream dries up in Minnesota? Well, that’s clearly an exaggeration, but these old school latrines are no friend to the water conservation movement.

With each flush we are consuming more water then we need to. With all this talk about going green, saving the environment, and considering water scarcity in California and other states, a priority should be finding ways to make the most of the water we have and consume less overall. Just as with most technologies, we have options to decrease the amount of water we use from our flushes, and these options start right in the heart of it all; your hot seat, your toilet.

There are three high efficiency toilets we can choose from that will make going to the bathroom a more environmentally conscious experience thanks to the new options available:

  • The Gravity Toilet: The traditional toilet that we all know and love… except, this toilet is now revamped to fit the high efficiency standards. Thanks to its new technology, a siphon pulls water through the trap way. This lean, green, water-saving-machine now uses only 1.28 gallons of water per flush instead of the usual 1.6; reducing water use by 20%.

  • The Dual- Flush Toilet: This potty has (you guessed it) not one, but two flushing options: one full flush for solid waste and one partial flush for liquid. Being mindful as you choose is the key to making this daily choice for water conservation.

  • The Alternative: This 1 gallon per flush pressure-assist toilet is the same as regular toilets, except that it contains a vessel inside the tank designed to use water line pressure to “push” the water through the trap way. The water line pressure comes from the local water municipality. The vessel delivers the water to your toilet bowl at three times the standard flow rate of the siphon-driven technologies making quicker yet louder flushes.

What do these three commodes have in common, is that they all save water, which is a small step in each of our households towards saving the environment. If you find yourself wanting to go green and save some green at the same time, give Jim Bennett’s Plumbing a call at 850-878-3178 to upgrade your toilet today.

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