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Plumbing Inspections


You maintain your car with regular oil change and tune-ups. Do the same for your plumbing equipment. Many of our emergency calls would not occur if people had annual maintenance. You save on repairs costs, lower utility bills and get peace of mind. Please contact your Tallahassee Plumber today.

Benefits of Plumbing Inspection:

1. Exposed plumbing system – We will visually inspect your plumbing to ensure everyone’s safety. We can recommend improvements that will save you money and give you peace of mind.

2. Water heater – We will inspect emergency water shut-off, drain valve, thermostat, gas/electric connections, temperature and pressure relief valve, temperature setting, gas thermocouple, emergency gas shut-off, flue pipe and the draft.Preview Changes

3. Water service – We will check your water pressure regulator. High pressure can damage a water heater or cause a pipe to burst in your plumbing system over time, including washing machine hoses.

4. Sinks, faucets, tub, shower, dishwasher, disposal, toilet – We will check for leaks, (a small drip could waste hundreds of gallons of water and increase your water bill) aerators, handles, mounting seal, drain flow, trap/tubing, water supplies, water shut-offs, pop-up operation, strainer, disposal and dishwasher hose. Toilet test includes flush, seat, bolt caps, base movement, supply line, emergency water shut-off.

5. Water softener is tested for hardness and emergency water shut-off operation.

6. Washing machine – We will check your emergency water shut-off, drain and hoses. Worn hoses could burst resulting in flooding and expensive water damage.

Our Services in Tallahasee

  • Plumbing Inspections

  • Plumbing Pipes

  • Plumbing Fittings

  • Drain Piping

  • Plumbing Fixtures

  • Plumbing

  • Plumbing Supplies

  • Replacement Piping

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